Hire us for new home inspection services in the Chickamauga, GA, Dunlap, Chattanooga, TN and surrounding areas

Get a Detailed Overview of Your New Home

Don't skip getting a home inspection because you're buying a new house - even a newly-built home can have serious issues hiding under its surface. Turn to the professionals at Cornerstone Home Inspection, LLC for new home inspection services.

We'll go over every inch of your new house and provide you with a detailed inspection report. Contact us today to schedule a new construction inspection. We serve clients in Chickamauga, GA, Dunlap, Chattanooga, TN and surrounding areas.

Know the benefits of a professional inspection

Not sure if you need to schedule a new home inspection? Getting your new house inspected allows you to:

  • Buy with confidence
  • Identify hidden structural defects
  • Address any damages before moving in

You can count on Cornerstone Home Inspection to inspect your property from top to bottom. Call 423-994-6621 today to arrange for new construction inspection services.